Are Home Laser Hair Removal Safe?

Nearly all hair removal methods have been criticized regarding their efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness issues. One of the hair removal methods that has gained so many positive and negative feedback alike is the home laser hair removal. The major concern for doing the laser treatment in removing unwanted hair is how safe it can be used at home and whether it is dangerous when only done by an ordinary person.

Many experts believe that performing laser hair removal at home is already safe. They also added that results of laser treatment done in a doctor’s clinic are somewhat similar to the effectiveness of laser treatment performed at home. However, they still highly recommend that before trying out the home laser hair removal, it would be more beneficial to consult first your doctor in order to check whether you are a good candidate for doing the laser method alone. In addition, by doing so, you will also be taught personally how to safely operate a laser machine and what skin reactions to observe that will need immediate referral to the doctor.

Another concern for home laser hair removal is regarding its price. Rates for laser machines are varied. There are some branded laser machines that are too costly when compared to the others. However, despite the high price of this kind of laser machine, still many people prefer choosing this to be more certain of its quality.

More so, buying the much cheaper laser machines for home use can be a little risky since more often than not, low-priced laser machines compromise the quality, safety and effectiveness of the product. Most of the time also, these are the ones that cause burns and other negative effects on a person’s skin. It also causes hair to keep coming back more frequently than with the high standard machines.


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